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Amazing And Quick To Pick Up!

After 30 minutes of playing, you will get the basics and soon you will be addicted! You don`t need to be a member to come and play!

How To Sign Up And Play

What Is Pickleball

Pickleball is a simple paddle game played with a base- ball-sized wiffleball over a tennis type net on a Badmin- ton-sized court. Scoring. Only the serving team can score points. Points are scored by legally serving a ball that is not returned by the opponent or by winning the rally. It can be played with two or four people.

Good To Know

The Rules

Essentially the five rules of pickleball are:

The detailed rules you find at each of our courts.

Court Pricing

We believe everybody should be able to have fun in a healthy way, this is what drives us to constantly evolve and develop pickleball in Kenya.

Active Members

Single, Family, Senior, Youth and Corperate Memberships available on monthly basis

Kshs 0 Hour / Court

Become a member and play for free. Together we play, learn and have fun.

Court Rental for non Member

per court / per hour up to 4 People

Kshs 2,500 / 3,500 Hour / Court

Peak hours: Mo-Fr 4-9 & Sa and So Off-peak hours: Mo-Fr 9-4 Including all equipment. For up to 4 people.


We offer coaching classes to get you or your child to pro level in no time!

Junior Coach

To get started or as a playing partner

Personal Coach

Get 45 minutes of professional training