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Terms and Conditions at NPC



The name of this organization shall be the Nairobi Pickleball Club (NPC) and referred to as ‘the Club’.




  1.  The Nairobi Pickleball Club exists to provide a fun, healthy, recreational activity for its membership and guests while promoting the exercise, development of skills and enjoyment of Pickleball.
  2.  The Club is formed as a private company owned by its founders.
  3.  The Club will sponsor activities to enhance the Pickleball experience through social, educational and competitive events.
  4.  The Club will provide an authoritative body to govern and conduct club competitions.




  1. Eligibility: Membership shall be open to anyone who pays the required membership dues. There shall be no other precondition for membership.
  2. Dues: The Club’s Board of Directors shall set membership dues appropriate to the needs of the club.
  3. “Members in Good Standing” are all members who are current in their payment of dues. The Board will have the ability to extend “Member in Good Standing” status to a member who becomes unable to pay dues (due to financial hardship or other issues).
  4. Membership runs one year (365 days) for a one-year membership, or three years (1095 days) for a three-year membership, beginning from the date of payment.  
  5. Privileges for membership will be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of the Club. Privileges may include: (1) advance signup (ahead of public) for organized play and other events, (2) free participation in club-provided training sessions, (3) discounts on certain services and products (e.g., Pickleball Central), and (4) the opportunity to vote for Club Board members and on other Club-related issues brought to Club Members by the Board of Directors.




  • Tops/shirts are required.
  • Non-marking tennis or pickleball shoes are required
  • Club approved paddles and pickleballs are preferred.


Not allowed:

  • No swimsuits, bathing suits, bikinis, speedos, or cut-off jeans.
  • No midriff exposing tops or tube tops.
  • No see-through clothing 
  • No tops that have deep side openings (8″ or more measured from the armpit).
  • No offensive, racist, sexist, or other inappropriate images or words on clothing.
  • No shoes that scuff or mark the courts. No hard-soled shoes. No sandals or flip-flops. No bare feet.
  • No tennis racquets.




  • All players must sign waivers before playing at pickleball
  • All players must check-in at the front desk before each play
  • All players must have a payment profile on file
  • All reservations are required to be paid in full
  • Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests
  • Court cancellations will be given a credit with a minimum of 24hrs notice.
  • Membership refunds will not be given after the first 7 days after the first play.
  • Players who do not check in within 15 minutes of their scheduled play may no longer find the court available.
  • Players agree to leave the areas in clean and good order.
  • No food or drink is allowed on courts, except water in non-glass, resealable containers.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Financial transactions for commercial or private gain are prohibited.
  • The staff reserve the right to remove any member, guest or visitor from the area if he or she exhibits behaviour that is believed to be unsafe or inappropriate.